How to Rip an Audio CD

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Note for Editors: please adapt this tutorial for the Rhythmbox music player included in Trisquel 6.0.


Your Trisquel 7 system comes with the music management system called Rhythmbox. This is fine for music playback, organization, synching devices, and can be used for ripping audio cd. However, to rip tracks from cd, you need to install the app called Sound Juicer. Here, we cover using Sound Juicer directly.

Install the app using your favorite method; I. E. terminal, Synaptic or the add/remove software utility, found on the main menus.

When you insert an audio cd, you should be asked what to do, if you haven't changed any defaults. If this doesn't happen, visit menus->System Settings->Details->media and set your preference. If, either this doesn't work, or you prefer to keep things manual, open Sound Juicer; you'll find it on menus->sound and video->sound juicer. On Sound Juicer's 'edit' menu, you'll find Preferences. Use this to set default media format, preferred location for music folders, folder name format, and whether to eject the cd when rip is finished. When the track list is loaded (this may take several minutes), you will have a tick box next to the title of each track, with all being ticked. Un tick the ones you don't want in the rip. Some cd may be shown as multiple albums; select the album name you want. When you're ready, hit the 'extract' (Alt+x) button; you'll find a progress indicator. When the rip is done, a little bell will ring, and your disc may or may not eject, depending on the preference. You can manually eject with 'Ctrl+j', when Sound Juicer window is focused.


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