Disclaimer: We want to promote and disseminate Trisquel, which is also known as marketing work. Please don't misunderstand our work as the misleading and manipulating ideas often used in common marketing. We want to tell people what's good about Trisquel without lying or concealing downsides, rough paths etc.

To promote Free Software and Trisquel to a broader public there are various ways.
At this point we're collecting and sorting ideas.


(partly taken from ideas on the mailinglist)

  • FAQ
  • Info brochure
  • Video tutorials, Video feature shows
  • Banners (for websites and perhaps physical)
  • Templates for presentations (LibreOffice, LaTeX maybe)
  • Sales brochure aimed at Small Enterprise businesses in support of any Trisquel recommending consultancies

The Trisquel logo and some banners are at

The 100pc FREE SOFTWARE logo is available for use under either the GFDL 1.3, Free Art License 1.3 or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licenses. The Bold GNU Head artwork is attributed to Aurelio A. Heckert<name at domain>. This logo can be associated with Trisquel GNU/Linux, since it runs exclusively free software.

The Join now! logo can be linked to the websites or (The latter link tells the availability of a credit card sized bootable USB membership card running Trisquel GNU/Linux. You may tell about this extra advantage to the audience.) The Free Software Foundation logo is created by Li Jiang.

Recent community efforts:

Discussion about advertising

Distributed Computing (flyer)

Three-panel brochure

Call for Developers (graphic)

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