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Issue"firefox" dumb package stops the upgrade show for untechy users David_Hedlund9Hace 4 años 22 semanas
IssueCustom free license David_Hedlund3Hace 4 años 22 semanas
Issueno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory Marcus9Hace 4 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicIcecat 31.7.0 Gnu49Hace 4 años 26 semanas
IssueDisallow creation of new issues for Trisquel versions < 6.0 Legimet2Hace 4 años 27 semanas
IssueVirtual package libcapi20-3 breaks upgrade in Brigantia ivaylo8Hace 4 años 27 semanas
IssueSongwrite gets struct.error when starting grave_1237Hace 4 años 27 semanas
Issuebelenos contains nonfree (binary blob-containing) package r8168-dkms Legimet4Hace 4 años 27 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Remove 'ubuntu-online-tour' package from Repos. lap4fsf3Hace 4 años 28 semanas
IssueRemove add-on (flashvideoreplacer) SirGrant2Hace 4 años 28 semanas
IssuePackage: Slingshot is corrupt G4JC3Hace 4 años 28 semanas
IssueTrisquel defaults to using google's name servers lembas8Hace 4 años 28 semanas
IssueMissing deps for gnome-shell in Trisquel 4.0 Taranis pcgaldo3Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Issuerm doesn't ask for confirmation fchmmr10Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Issuefortunes-ubuntu-server has branding and GNU FSDG issues leny20103Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Purge the following Ubuntu/Kubuntu docs packages. lap4fsf3Hace 4 años 28 semanas
IssueDisable remote-content-search (product suggestions) in Unity akfoss3Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] XChat refers to a non-free browser in its URL handlers. SirGrant11Hace 4 años 28 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Source package psutils contains a non-free file SirGrant8Hace 4 años 29 semanas
Forum TopicMy experiences in switching to powerline ethernet and getting around non-free r8169 firmware t3g18Hace 4 años 29 semanas
Issuesdcc included non-free files. mejiko4Hace 4 años 29 semanas
IssueRecent donations a jumble lembas3Hace 4 años 29 semanas
Issue[GFSD] Freeware in ruby1.8 (Toutatis and Belenos) and ruby1.9.1 (Toutatis) anonymous6Hace 4 años 30 semanas
Issueapt-p2p error with python2.7 quiliro7Hace 4 años 31 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package debian-reference references non-free software software repos SirGrant11Hace 4 años 32 semanas