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IncidenciaSpammers be gone Cyberhawk973Hace 1 año 9 semanas
IncidenciaAptitude talks about new packages added to Ubuntu, not Trisquel César8Hace 6 años 49 semanas
IncidenciaList of branding issues SirGrant18Hace 7 años 2 semanas
IncidenciaMissing deps for gnome-shell in Trisquel 4.0 Taranis pcgaldo3Hace 7 años 48 semanas
Incidencia"apt-get autoremove" offers removal of ecryptfs-utils after installing Trisquel with user's directory encryption. Daniel Molina4Hace 8 años 4 semanas
Incidenciagrub2 shows debian splash image César2Hace 8 años 21 semanas
Incidencia[GFSD Issue] Possible bad relation between proprietary software and text-to-speech GNOME packages. anonymous19Hace 8 años 26 semanas
IncidenciaModify abrowser to have privacy features included (enable "do not track; disable location-aware browsing) SirGrant10Hace 9 años 21 semanas
IncidenciaTrisquel GNU/Linux does not have 100 associate members SirGrant40Hace 9 años 24 semanas
IncidenciaIssues with default partitioning in Trisquel 4.0 Mini nicoman4Hace 9 años 25 semanas
IncidenciaUbiquity waits infinitely for repo servers when testing connections marioger25Hace 9 años 41 semanas
IncidenciaNo text-mode installation on newest Trisquel Live CDs (at least on x86_64) teodorescup5Hace 10 años 3 semanas
Forum TopicPortuguese translation of the website bebeto46Hace 10 años 10 semanas
Forum TopicHow to install gnome-shell aliasbody24Hace 10 años 13 semanas
Forum TopicSun Wireless Toolkit and general Java questions Jayn15Hace 10 años 14 semanas
Forum TopicSqueezing battery time MagicFab11Hace 10 años 21 semanas
Forum TopicEVGA Z77 Stinger (mITX) Zancudo3Hace 10 años 22 semanas
Forum TopicUnable to install in VirtualBox gsmela8Hace 10 años 22 semanas
Forum Topic:) New free software friendly USB N adapter getting closer Chris23Hace 10 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicBackup your stuff - NOW! lembas13Hace 10 años 25 semanas
IncidenciaTwo fixes for software-properties, one security fix for 5.5, one bug fix for 6.0 DNS4Hace 10 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicPerhaps Trisquel could join the Software Freedom Conservancy MagicFab4Hace 10 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicOn the Topic Release Schedule rwilkerson100020Hace 10 años 25 semanas
Forum TopicOpen Distribution, Closed Development Marcus56Hace 10 años 25 semanas
IncidenciaTrisquel 6.0-20121201 amd64: gnome-panel lacks some previous features sphynx4Hace 10 años 25 semanas