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TicketList of Abrowser & Icecat issues andrew31Il y a 7 semaines 3 jours
TicketAbrowserHome has been disabled in Abrowser due to Extension Signing akfoss4Il y a 17 semaines 6 jours
TicketCan't upgrade to Trisquel 7.0 truthaddict5Il y a 2 années 25 semaines
TicketList of branding issues SirGrant18Il y a 6 années 2 jours
Forum Topic[POLL] What is your preferred desktop environment of Trisquel 8 ? akfoss111Il y a 6 années 4 jours
Forum TopicAny News regarding upcoming LTS (Trisquel 8.0 LTS)? Pandya16Il y a 6 années 12 semaines
Forum TopicPDF Reader, anything i should consider? akfoss6Il y a 6 années 13 semaines
Forum TopicPackage files are missing from belenos-updates and belenos-security repositories Pandya4Il y a 6 années 13 semaines
Forum TopicWho is working on the MATE theme for Trisquel 8? t3g5Il y a 6 années 14 semaines
Forum TopicPython to Move to Github akfoss21Il y a 6 années 15 semaines
Forum TopicSourceforge Terms of Use -- Is it ok to license all our codes to Slashdot Media? akfoss9Il y a 6 années 15 semaines
Ticketlxrandr problem Gnu4Il y a 6 années 27 semaines
Forum TopicAbrowser Doesn't Sync. Broken? How do I fix it? davidpgil5Il y a 6 années 27 semaines
Forum TopicShare your Desktop! JadedCtrl305Il y a 6 années 37 semaines
Ticketno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory Marcus9Il y a 6 années 43 semaines
TicketDisable remote-content-search (product suggestions) in Unity akfoss3Il y a 6 années 46 semaines
TicketNo background when disabling Icons on Desktop in gnome-tweak-tool PaulK3Il y a 6 années 49 semaines
TicketBackground doesn't change when icons on desktop is set to false blueberry1Il y a 6 années 49 semaines
Forum TopicGNU Savannah Package Name deavmi9Il y a 6 années 49 semaines
Forum TopicFree Software Continuous Intergration Software? deavmi5Il y a 6 années 50 semaines
TicketPython's dependences petrolifero3Il y a 7 années 2 semaines
Forum TopicIceDove replaced Thunderbird. akfoss70Il y a 7 années 6 semaines
Forum TopicQuestions about being a developer of Trisquel. a_slacker_here4Il y a 7 années 14 semaines
Ticket'aptitude changelog' is saying Ubuntu instead of Trisquel akfoss5Il y a 7 années 16 semaines
Ticketpbuilder-dist tries to access 'ubuntu.com' instead of 'es.trisquel.info' for belenos and toutatis akfoss2Il y a 7 années 16 semaines