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Forum TopicTrisquel 9 Graphical ISO available for testing chaosmonk141Il y a 37 semaines 1 jour
Forum TopicIntroduction and first question Pawel Loba5Il y a 38 semaines 3 jours
Forum TopicTrisquel 9: Does the Popup Notification Settings preview work for you? Connochaetes9Il y a 1 année 6 semaines
Forum TopicDisable Orca in Display Manager (LightDM) whiteWizard10Il y a 2 années 15 semaines
IssueDefault root file system size of 10 GB too small! Dave_Hunt4Il y a 2 années 38 semaines
Forum TopicWho's On Mastodon? davidpgil40Il y a 2 années 40 semaines
IssueReplace Evolution with Icedove in default system Dave_Hunt1Il y a 2 années 42 semaines
Forum TopicOrca screen reader eating all my ram! Trisquel Whare9Il y a 2 années 43 semaines
Forum TopicTrisquel 8 codename "Flidas" Release Candidate is ready for testing david67Il y a 2 années 46 semaines
Forum TopicFlidas is here loldier25Il y a 2 années 46 semaines
Forum TopicAny plans to dump systemd ? Patrick Mc(avery24Il y a 2 années 46 semaines
Forum TopicCan't boot Trisquel 8 from USB Adam Worthy19Il y a 2 années 49 semaines
Forum Topicuruk gnu/linux 2.0 alimiracle20Il y a 2 années 50 semaines
Forum Topicuruk gnu/linux 2.0 beta-2 alimiracle36Il y a 2 années 50 semaines
Forum TopicUruk 2.0 Last Touches hayderctee21Il y a 3 années 1 jour
Forum TopicWho of this community honestly runs Trisquel GNU/Linux? gnunix111Il y a 3 années 3 semaines
Forum TopicUruk 2.0 XFCE Edition Released alimiracle15Il y a 3 années 9 semaines
Forum TopicAre there any famous celebrities that advocate Free Software? Time4Tea25Il y a 3 années 11 semaines
Forum TopicTrouble Getting Trisquel 8 to install in UEFI Mode Dave_Hunt4Il y a 3 années 14 semaines
Forum TopicI finally managed to install Trisquel 8. But it was quite hard to install and run. Any solutions? ylevental9Il y a 3 années 16 semaines
Forum TopicUruk GNU/Linux 2.0 (Beta1) hayderctee28Il y a 3 années 22 semaines
Forum TopicWhat service do you recommend to replace OpenMailBox albertoefg36Il y a 3 années 23 semaines
Forum TopicWhat happened to the pre-release iso? Dave_Hunt1Il y a 3 années 25 semaines
Forum Topicwe nede your opinion alimiracle6Il y a 3 années 26 semaines
Forum TopicTrisquel won't boot on a Thinkpad 11E Dave_Hunt6Il y a 3 années 30 semaines