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U.S. Intelligence Community Highlights Cyber Risks in Worldwide Threat Assessment

AI, IoT and Fake News Highlighted as On-going Cyber Threats

In its statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Wednesday, The Intelligence Community combined current and future cyber threats with its overview of kinetic and political threats to America.

Cyber adversaries, warns the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community (PDF), "are becoming more adept at using cyberspace to threaten our interests and advance their own, and despite improving cyber defenses, nearly all information, communication networks, and systems will be at risk for years."

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are given special reference as cyber threat actors. Russia's "cyber operations will continue to target the United States and its allies to gather intelligence, support Russian decision-making, conduct influence operations to support Russian military and political objectives, and prepare the cyber environment for future contingencies."

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