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Due to the recent spam problems, we have decide to change the default settings for new acconts, so now they need to be approved by an admin (Ruben, David, or me )

This is the new message that users while get after registration:

Thank you for registering at Trisquel GNU/Linux. Your application for an  
account is currently pending approval  due to a recent spam problem. Once it  
has been approved, you will receive a message containing information about  
how to log in, set your password, and other details.

The manual process can take up to 72 hours, but if you are not a spammer,  
please send an e-mail to name at domain from the email you used for  
registering, with  subject "ACTIVATE ACCOUNT".

--  Trisquel GNU/Linux team

We can rethink the problem in a few days, and maybe the polish spammer gets tired of triying.