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IssueSpammers be gone Cyberhawk97410 settimane 2 giorni fa
Issuevirtualbox-ose suggesting non-free recommendations (Guest Additions) icarious81 anno 13 settimane fa
IssueAbrowser: Enable/Disable buttons in Add-ons Manager don't reflect actual change of state when pressed Michael V. Antosha51 anno 13 settimane fa
Issuecautious-launcher carries you to an ubuntu webpage Daniel Molina41 anno 20 settimane fa
IssuePython alt-installer Pip has non-free software in its repositories Mithrandir102 anni 24 settimane fa
IssueThe addons list needs some lovin' lembas182 anni 47 settimane fa
Forum TopicDisabled automatic users registration aklis03 anni 18 settimane fa
IssueLogs rapidly filling up root partition after upgrade strypey183 anni 43 settimane fa
Forum Topica forum or subforum dedicated only to code contributors. SalmanMohammadi133 anni 51 settimane fa
IssueWebsite falis in parsing wiki code Majin Buu104 anni 6 settimane fa
Forum TopicFosdem 2017 aklis14 anni 10 settimane fa
IssueVulnerable to CVE-2016-2107 Legimet24 anni 11 settimane fa
IssueCorregido Armando Bustama...104 anni 17 settimane fa
IssueList of FSDG issues (7.0 Version) SirGrant104 anni 21 settimane fa
IssueMemory check (memcheck86+) doesn't work at bootup lembas94 anni 38 settimane fa
IssueAptitude talks about new packages added to Ubuntu, not Trisquel César84 anni 42 settimane fa
Forum TopicSurvey: where are you from? B50D334 anni 48 settimane fa
Issuesmtube FSDG issue HurdTimes44 anni 49 settimane fa
Issuexdrawchem include non-free program mejiko64 anni 49 settimane fa
IssueSynaptic will not start graphically 2mac115 anni 3 settimane fa
Forum TopicMAME is now Free and Open Source Software aklis25 anni 6 settimane fa
Forum Topic6000 topics on the english trisquel forum aklis25 anni 6 settimane fa
Forum TopicSpam attack aklis135 anni 6 settimane fa
Forum TopicImages use http loldier65 anni 6 settimane fa
IssueDouble-posts are exploding onpon4105 anni 7 settimane fa