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Forum TopicWhere is everyone ? amenex231 giorno 8 ore fa
Forum TopicExtracting CIDR and country code from an address block amenex81 giorno 16 ore fa
Forum TopicRare errors. In particular, for Abrowser 88.0 (32-bits) Ignacio.Agullo35 giorni 2 ore fa
Forum TopicI accidentally burned an ISO onto the system that was running at the time. panties145 giorni 4 ore fa
Forum TopicPanel's "Indicator Applet Complete" is corrupted; how to repair it ? amenex65 giorni 19 ore fa
Forum TopicCreate a bootable live DVD from a downloaded Trisquel_9 ISO image amenex91 settimana 18 ore fa
Forum TopicI'm planning to buy a new PC. Can I use Trisquel with it? hexagonwin221 settimana 3 giorni fa
Forum TopicThree Lenovo T420 laptops with the same "hardware" issue amenex81 settimana 5 giorni fa
Forum TopicMoving the Icedove profile from the /home partition to the Data partition amenex72 settimane 18 ore fa
Forum TopicTrisquel_9 (Etiona) experiences random freeze from which there is no recovery amenex182 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicHot plug /dev/sda in order to accept file transfers amenex83 settimane 13 ore fa
Forum TopicWiki Edit: Don't copy+paste commands GNUser43 settimane 1 giorno fa
Forum TopicTransfer files over a crossover cable between laptops amenex273 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicBlank start-up screen after upgrading to Etonia GNUbahn174 settimane 3 giorni fa
Forum TopicBoot problems amuza74 settimane 4 giorni fa
Forum TopicFlidas fails to proceed beyond a black screen with blinking cursor amenex25 settimane 3 giorni fa
Forum TopicT420 overheats and shuts down while running script amenex45 settimane 4 giorni fa
Forum TopicUnattended system upgrade in progress during shutdown; please do not turn off the computer amenex26 settimane 6 giorni fa
Forum TopicSDHC/SD/MMC/RS MMC/MINI SD card reader has no applications in Trisquel_9 amenex117 settimane 6 giorni fa
Forum TopicOutside the box thoughts amenex79 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicJami vs Wire vs other programs like that GrevenGull1811 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicDecoding hex-obscured IPv4 addresses amenex311 settimane 5 giorni fa
Forum TopicCarrying a variable through a series of script steps to print that variable's value in the script output amenex1112 settimane 2 giorni fa
Forum TopicGratuitous installation of Jami disrupted normal computer usage amenex712 settimane 4 giorni fa
Forum TopicSeparating IP addresses in a mixed list of hostnames and addresses amenex1313 settimane 5 giorni fa