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Forum TopicLibrem 15: A Free/Libre and Open Source Laptop That Respects Your Essential Freedoms trisq826 anni 44 settimane fa
Forum Topicis Debian GNU/Hurd free? muhammed116 anni 45 settimane fa
IssueVPN connection failed bz of invalid secret ? Openvpn not working in Trisquel ? Dark Orange26 anni 46 settimane fa
Forum TopicTrisquel 7 (gnome) - make it lighter weight, more responsive, more usable and have better default choice of applications. fchmmr256 anni 47 settimane fa
IssueCover art for 7 says LTS on front, STS on back lembas56 anni 48 settimane fa
IssuewxMaxima doesn't paste with keyboard (CTRL + V) nuccigiorgio27 anni 1 settimana fa
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Issue[GFSD] Google Docs and SkyDrive online services to 'documents' program is against free Software spirit lap4fsf17 anni 1 settimana fa
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