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IssueSpammers be gone Cyberhawk9745 settimane 32 min fa
IssueMidori won't open some websites because of security certificate problems Ra61 anno 43 settimane fa
IssueEnable Portuguese-language translations pizzaiolo22 anni 23 settimane fa
IssueDefault root file system size of 10 GB too small! Dave_Hunt42 anni 38 settimane fa
IssueNautilus eventually rejects most keyboard input J.B. Nicholson-Owens53 anni 27 settimane fa
IssueLogs rapidly filling up root partition after upgrade strypey183 anni 37 settimane fa
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IssueTrisquel 7 netinstall fails to retrieve the udebs Ark7434 anni 38 settimane fa
Forum TopicSurvey: where are you from? B50D334 anni 43 settimane fa
Issuegnome-panel is invisible on startup frobnitzem24 anni 46 settimane fa
IssueForum/mailing list link is broken oysterboy44 anni 46 settimane fa
IssueInstalling GDebi ruins apt links onpon434 anni 51 settimane fa
IssueGrub password evoblade34 anni 52 settimane fa
IssueSystemback, why not? nespolaproject15 anni 2 giorni fa
IssueChanging keyboard layout does not work mokavey15 anni 2 giorni fa
IssueUnable to boot into bios. biosprob85 anni 1 settimana fa
IssueWhat's My projects? lembas25 anni 2 settimane fa
IssueQucs is missing elektro65 anni 2 settimane fa
IssueSeveral users have a double-posting problem onpon435 anni 4 settimane fa
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Forum TopicWhat version should I choose? Mini or Standart? stupidcache235 anni 4 settimane fa
Forum TopicSCALE 14x – Anybody going to the 14th Annual Southern California [GNU]Linux Expo? We'll (ThinkPenguin) be there! Chris115 anni 4 settimane fa
Forum TopicEvolution hangs on boot libertarian4christ45 anni 4 settimane fa