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ProblemaList of Abrowser & Icecat issues andrew3135 settimane 3 giorni fa
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Problemadpkg-source verification failing in flidas mixalis_t346 settimane 1 giorno fa
ProblemaIcedove version in Trisquel repo is obsolete SalmanMohammadi746 settimane 1 giorno fa
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ProblemaPython alt-installer Pip has non-free software in its repositories Mithrandir104 anni 5 settimane fa
Forum TopicTesting The Trisquel 8 Upgrade Process jxself444 anni 31 settimane fa
Problema[GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software andrew214 anni 36 settimane fa
Problema[GNU FSDG] Ubuntu Installation Guides for various computer architectures. lap4fsf34 anni 37 settimane fa
ProblemaHeartbeat in Abrowser jxself24 anni 43 settimane fa
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Forum TopicWire is Free Software now albertoefg195 anni 33 settimane fa
ProblemaAbrowser is outdated mixalis_t25 anni 34 settimane fa
ProblemaGNOME Help is about Gnome Shell mixalis_t25 anni 39 settimane fa
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ProblemaPrivacy policy link on Abrowser about page point to no such thing lembas55 anni 40 settimane fa
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