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Forum TopicPlasma menu refreshing over and over again (SOLVED?) arielenter2vor 12 Wochen 3 Tage
Forum TopicPlasma graphic glitches when scaling desktop up (SOLVED?) arielenter0vor 12 Wochen 3 Tage
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Forum TopicThonkpeasant Store and Guides for Quad Core Librebooted Thinkpads shmalebx923vor 31 Wochen 4 Tage
Forum TopicWhy not savannah instead of Gitlab? arielenter2vor 34 Wochen 6 Tage
Forum Topicupdate notifier for kde plasma triskel arielenter5vor 35 Wochen 6 Tage
Forum Topicdevelopment environment for php arielenter3vor 36 Wochen 4 Tage
ProblemTriskel 9's Application Launcher context menu item "Edit Applications..." doesn't do anything arielenter5vor 50 Wochen 2 Tage
ProblemTriskel 9's Application Launcher keeps saying "Applications Updated." over and over arielenter7vor 1 Jahr 3 Tage
ProblemAbrowser hangs when 'open with' dialog opens arielenter1vor 1 Jahr 3 Wochen
Problempython-pygame backport leaked to updates Minsc4vor 1 Jahr 8 Wochen
Forum TopicNon-JavaScript catcha arielenter3vor 1 Jahr 42 Wochen
Forum TopicTriskel 9 updater? amtrakuk3vor 2 Jahre 5 Wochen
Forum TopicTrisquel 9's Application Launcher keeps saying "Applications Updated." over and over arielenter12vor 2 Jahre 12 Wochen
Forum Topican ethical web hosting service Masaru Suzuqi -...15vor 2 Jahre 27 Wochen
Forum Topic[Consulta] Samba y sus permisos anonymous1vor 2 Jahre 30 Wochen
Forum TopicPetition to ask the copyright owners to liberate the game Terraria: Otherworld strypey5vor 2 Jahre 34 Wochen
Forum TopicMinifree is in dire trouble, anonymous45vor 2 Jahre 43 Wochen
Forum TopicProposing a libreboot installfest in libre planet 2020 on Boston arielenter3vor 2 Jahre 52 Wochen
Forum TopicProblemas al bootear Trisquel j4278vor 3 Jahre 3 Wochen
Forum TopicAbrowser and RSS feeds iceburn2vor 3 Jahre 3 Wochen
Forum Topic¿Qué opinan de hypervideo e hypervideo-gui? Clarem9vor 3 Jahre 4 Wochen
Forum Topicpidgin can't open links send in a conversation arielenter0vor 3 Jahre 6 Wochen
Forum TopicAbrowser update issues ChanceH19vor 3 Jahre 46 Wochen