Icecat XML Error

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Adam Worthy
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I would just like to know if any if you guys were having the same
problem. I'm getting an XML Parsing error on my Icecat:

XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location:
jar:file:///usr/lib/icecat/browser/extensions/abouticecat [at] gnu [dot] org [dot] xpi!/chrome/content/aboutIceCat/aboutIceCat.xhtml
Line Number 288, Column 11:


I also noticed that Tor doesn't work anymore when I open a Private Window.

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Yes, same here. As well as:

Firefox is dropping support for all XUL based addons. That affects a lot more in the repos than just the icecathome and torproxy addons.

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Is there any way to install the previous version? doesn't keep backups for trisquel.

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