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Hello everyone my name is david i live in the UK i am new to linux but most distro i have tried seems to have loads of programs i would never user.
I found trisquel while searching for free software i am using trisquel mini it does all i need for now.
Am still learning about linux so i will not be much help to anyone just yet but most likely will have questions for the forum.


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Welcome David,

> ...but most likely will have questions for the forum.

Questions are welcome on the forum, also some context with the system name, it is GNU/Linux as Linux is only a kernel.
That is better explained here[1].

Hope you keep meeting all your needs using free software[2], read you around.



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I particularly like this paragraph:

"The GNU Project is idealistic, and anyone encouraging idealism today faces a great obstacle: the prevailing ideology encourages people to dismiss idealism as “impractical.” Our idealism has been extremely practical: it is the reason we have a free GNU/Linux operating system. People who love this system ought to know that it is our idealism made real."

The Trisquel documentation next door is also a good place to start:

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Hi, also like that paragraph. Thanks for sharing.

Sincerely yours,

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If you think the system is too bloated there are free distros like parabola GNU/Linux-libre which start with almost no software installed in them and make you choose basically everything you want to install. These ones are not friendly to new users though.

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That is what Trisquel NetInstall provides too. It is behind "More" on