Programming Knowledge Necessary to Help Develop Trisquel

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Hello, I was wondering what I should learn/study, in order to help develop Trisquel. Which programming language is Trisquel written in (I thought that it might be C++)? Where do I learn what the parts of an operating system are (software development-wise), and how they are put together? Where do I learn Git, etc...? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated; thanks!

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sed (including regex)

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The Trisquel project mainly is about integrating pieces, the packages (sometimes after small modifications, through the package helpers). Trisquel does not develop the software you run. That software is written in a variety of different programming languages.

Here is "how Trisquel is made":

You can contribute to the Trisquel project:

Or you can contribute to your favorite program, whatever it is.

To learn git (the basics is enough to start contributing):