Trisquel 10 includes the window manager enlightenment 0.23.1

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Trisquel 9 users who wanted to run an up to date enlightenment[1] have to compile enlightenment by themselves. E is a window manager which is on the way to become a desktop environment. The included e of Trisuel 9 was almost a decade old. I posted a topic some months ago about this.[2]
The next Version, Trisquel 10 (Nabia) offers a nearly up to date e, version 0.23.1 with it like ubuntu focal, which trisquel 10 should be based on. So good news for e users and those who want to give e a try.
To install e on the live system, just do:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install enlightenment

Log out and select enlightenment(the white round icon) in lightdm and log in again.

There are additional software like terminology, an excellent terminal emulator and ephoto, an image viewer (good to manage large image collections) you can install with:
sudo apt install terminology ephoto

For other software around e[3] like rage, an easy to use video player, you have to compile by yourself at this time.


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It's great that Ubuntu have packaged a more up-to-date version of the software for Enlightenment, so that it can be used with Trisquel 10. I'll be keen to try it out again when T10 is released. I was a fan of Enlightenment for a while a few years ago, although my interest in it dimmed somewhat, once I discovered that using NoScript with Abrowser solved most of the performance problems I used to have with Trisquel, and Trisquel switched to Mate as the default desktop. Putting SSDs in older laptops makes a huge difference too.