The Trisquel Wiki Seems Messed Up

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Why does all of the documentation look so bad?

An example: but every page seems to look like this.

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J.B. Nicholson-Owens
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name at domain wrote:
> Why does all of the documentation look so bad?

It looks like markup that isn't being processed with the appropriate markup
program, so you're seeing the markup instead of the processed output:

- links show up as URLs instead of being clickable
- headers show up as "==foo==" instead of being rendered on new lines in an
appropriately larger font
- lists show up with asterisks instead of being formatted so each item in
the list is on its own line and a proper bullet character is used.

and so on. And you're also seeing a fill justification which makes the
markup look like a wall of text instead of a series of (in my opinion,
easier to read) left-justified paragraphs.

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After reading this I searched for a software that helps with this.

I found pandoc
sudo apt-get install pandoc

It can convert MediaWiki format to html format

The only thing that have to take into account is not to copy directly from wiki (as it is messed up), instead, go first to "Edit" and copy the text from there, as it will have the proper format.

Then using pandoc: (see for more information, also

pandoc -f mediawiki -t html document

Then you can replace the text in the same Edit form and lastly change at the bottom from Wiki format to html format (otherwise it will be rendered as mediawiki markdown and html won't work).

Save it and now it will work :)

We are doing this in spanish wiki and it seems better now.

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Yes, I had contacted about that issue when Documentation and other wiki pages was looking bad but haven’t got reply yet. Though "Documentation" and some pages looks fine now.

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