List of FSDG issues (6.0 Version)

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The goal of this bug is to maintain a list of bugs which are especially important to Trisquel. Those are bugs that violate the Guidelines for Free System Distributions. These bugs are the most important to be fixed because they threaten our status as a free system. This list hopefully will also be helpful for other free distros as a place to check for freedom related bugs in their own distros.


  1. Only list bugs that violate the Guidelines for Free System Distributions (e.g. recommending non-free software).
  2. Unlike the branding bug list do NOT mark the original bug as a duplicate. The reason for this is because these bugs vary in type while all those bugs simply relate to branding.
  3. When the bug is fixed it should be marked on the original bug and maked with a strikethrough on this bug report.

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 01:10

#5102: [GFSD Issue] Package nvclock suggests non-free software
#1942: [GFSD Issue] Compizconfig-settings-manager recomends non-free software as a workaround (fglrx)
#5017: [GFSD Issue] Package wings3d suggests using proprietary software
#4237: [GFSD Issue] Handbrake uses non-free FAAC for AAC encoding
#4456: virtualbox-ose suggesting non-free recommendations (Guest Additions)
#4570: [GFSD Issue] Package 'earcandy' mentions proprietary software
#4625: Winetricks lists many non-free softwares
#3160: package kubuntu-notification-helper suggests non-free package..
#1709: simutrans and simutrans-data are under non-free license
#3843: [GFSD Issue] Package unknown-horizons has Incomplete Copyright File
#2411: [GFSD Issue] yforth (license (fixed upstream)/word to avoid)
#4430: Many non-free software
#3842: [GFSD Issue] Emacs nonfree versions
#5374: [GFSD Issue] Package winff suggests proprietary software
#5426: [GFSD Issue] Calibre quick start guide recommends non-free software
#5518: [GFSD Issue] Package apt recommends proprietary software
#5658: [GFSD Issue] Package boinc downloads nonfree apps
#5805: [GFSD Issue] Non-free file in package ax25-apps
#5806: [GFSD Issue] Non-free file in package Ax25pyd
#5807: [GFSD Issue] Removal of packages only useful with non-free software (bnetd, pvpgn)
#5950: [GFSD Issue] Package debian-reference references non-free software software repos
#5953: [GFSD Issue] Program command-not-found instructs users on how to install non-free programs
#5954: [GFSD Issue] Source package db contains a non-free file
#5956: [GFSD Issue] Source package abuse-sdl contains a non-free file
#5957: [GFSD Issue] Package cia-clients contains a script that is useful only with non-free software (bitkeeper)
#5981: [GFSD Issue] Source package psutils contains a non-free file
#5984: [GFSD Issue] Screenlets contains a non-free artwork
#5994: [GFSD Issue] XChat refers to a non-free browser in its URL handlers.
#5995: [GFSD Issue] sharand: SHA-1 code is doesn't allow modification
#6007: [GFSD Issue] Package konqueror recommends the use of nonfree software
#2338: [GFSD Issue] Possible bad relation between proprietary software and text-to-speech GNOME packages.
#6733: [GFSD Issue] GNOME 3 Desktop Guide suggests non-free software
#7344: [GFSD Issue] ScummVM and nonfree games

Fri, 05/25/2012 - 09:25
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Tue, 01/08/2013 - 19:02
Title:List of bugs that threaten Free System Status» List of bugs that threaten Free System Status (6.0 Version)
Version:» 6.0

Trisquel Bug#7344 (Package scummvm is almost entirely used for the purpose of running proprietary software)

Tue, 04/02/2013 - 17:01
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Closing, this thread was for upcoming 6.0 release. Going to re-make with bugs that impact 6.0.

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 23:20

Project issue numbers (ex. [#12345]) turn into links automatically.

Please use that feature, as it shows the status of the linked issue (and it is easier ;). I cleaned up the comment list.

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 23:56
Title:List of bugs that threaten Free System Status (6.0 Version)» List of FSDG issues (6.0 Version)
Wed, 09/14/2016 - 12:37