Language Translation Status

The translation status of a language depends on how long ago the language has been enabled and if the translators are still keeping the pages up to date.

Newly added language

A new language has been added and there might be some default translations. Besides those, all of the content and other labels need to be translated.

You will spend your time alternating between translating pages and labels. Most of the labels will only be available for easy translation when there is a page displaying them. Thus you will be involved in the following activities:

  1. Translate a few items of each type (Announcement, Wiki Page, Task, etc.),
  2. Translate labels,
  3. Translate remaining content.

Alternatively you can translate all the content first and then start with the labels. If you have a team working on a language you can divide the two tasks between different members.

When your translations reach a certain degree of completion, we will consider enabling your language in the public language switcher. You need at least the following degree of completion to have your language considered:

  • Front page announcements for at least the last three years (2012, 2011, 2010);
  • All pages that can be reached directly from the header and sidebar menus;
  • The Documentation main page, all pages reachable from that main page, and all pages reachable from those pages. In other words: the main page and two levels deeper;
  • All labels on the above pages.

Recently accepted language

At this point, most of the non-content strings, such as labels, and most of the content will be translated.

In this state you will be spending your time with the following tasks:

  1. Translating new content,
  2. Adding translations for previously skipped non-essential pages,
  3. Finding labels that still require translations.

When all the content and all the publicly accessible labels are translated, your language will be considered to be up to date and it will be marked as being Active. Note that there are more labels that can be translated but they are not displayed anywhere and can be ignored. Compare the completion of your labels here:

Active language

By now all your translations are up to date and you will be spending time translating new content only.

In the event that new functionality has been added or other structural changes have been made to the website, translators will be informed by the Translations Manager of possible new labels that require translation.

There is currently not a way to be notified of major changes to content pages. (@TODO Investigate "Flag translations as outdated" setting.)

Inactive Language

If a language loses all translators or they remain out of sync with new content, then the language will be marked as Inactive. Nothing will be changed, however, if the language remains in this state for too long we might consider disabling it on the public language switcher.


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