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We started Trisquel in 2007, with Debian Stable as Trisquel 1.0's base. We used only the main branch packages, which include only free software.

We developed 2.0 in 2008, based on Ubuntu LTS. Ubuntu includes some proprietary software in its main repository, so we started our own software repository. Ours includes only free software.

The apt's configuration for Trisquel 4.0 is the following:

deb taranis main
deb-src taranis main
deb taranis-updates main
deb-src taranis-updates main
deb taranis-security main
deb-src taranis-security main
deb taranis-backports main
deb-src taranis-backports main
The apt's configuration for Trisquel 5.0 is the following:
deb dagda main
deb-src dagda main
deb dagda-updates main
deb-src dagda-updates main
deb dagda-security main
deb-src dagda-security main
deb dagda-backports main
deb-src dagda-backports main
The apt's configuration for Trisquel 5.5 is the following:
deb brigantia main
deb-src brigantia main
deb brigantia-security main
deb-src brigantia-security main
deb brigantia-updates main
deb-src brigantia-updates main
deb brigantia-backports main
deb-src brigantia-backports main
The apt's configuration for Trisquel 6 is the following:
deb toutatis main
deb toutatis-backports main
deb toutatis-security main
deb toutatis-updates main
Before Trisquel 3.5 there was a main branch that included the pre-installed packages of the different versions, and the extras branch that included all the free software available in the Ubuntu repositories, with some additions. All software is now consolidated into one main repository. The repository has packages for the i386 and amd64 architectures.


Please, use a mirror instead of this server, and use a torrent when possible.

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[1] Translating roughly from it seems that the mirror has been discontinued due to a lack of demand.

[2] There is no official statement, but it does not appear as if Trisquel is still being mirrored.


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