[2 Bugs] Trisquel GNU/Linux 7

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1 bug = keyboard layout not changes from english to other languages
2 bug = After update Nouveau DRI not initialize because of monitor not detect changing to VESA with default screen. Minecraft/Minetest/Rigs of Rods lagging with VESA driver.

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it may be better to post the issue here:

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about the bug number 1, Rubén knows it exist, it is a problem with ibus and it will be fixed in the next release of trisquel (Trisquel 7.1).

if you want to enable the change of the keyboards, open your terminal an write this:

$ dconf write /com/canonical/indicator/keyboard/visible true

to have it like before, change "true" by "false".

I know nothing about the other bug.


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Re: 2. What's the nVidia card? Which update? Are you using jxself's kernel which will be needed for more recent nVidia cards? Have you tried switching everything off, then back on again incase it was a warm boot update problem? Did you remember to switch the monitor on first?