backports upgrade not complying

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I am using Trisquel 9, with backports. It will not upgrade with libreoffice and wine. I am an apt user, but to figure out what is going wrong I had to use "aptitude why-not". Apparently aptitude wants to remove liborcus-0.13-0{u} uno-libs3{u}.


The following NEW packages will be installed:
libnumbertext-1.0-0{a} libnumbertext-data{a} liborcus-0.15-0{a} libqrcodegencpp1{a} libqxp-0.0-0{a} libreoffice-help-common{a} libstaroffice-0.0-0{a}
libuno-cppu3{a} libuno-cppuhelpergcc3-3{a} libuno-purpenvhelpergcc3-3{a} libuno-sal3{a} libuno-salhelpergcc3-3{a} libzmf-0.0-0{a} uno-libs-private{a}

The following packages will be upgraded:
libreoffice-base-core libreoffice-calc libreoffice-common libreoffice-core libreoffice-draw libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-help-en-gb
libreoffice-help-en-us libreoffice-impress libreoffice-l10n-en-gb libreoffice-l10n-en-za libreoffice-style-galaxy libreoffice-style-tango
libreoffice-writer ure

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I don't have the ubuntu repositories installed, but it wants ubuntu version of these packages.

i wine32:i386 Depends libwine:i386 (= 3.0-1ubuntu1)
i A libwine:i386 Breaks libwine (!= 3.0-1ubuntu1)