Can't believe I missed this, but ODF won in the UK to be default

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A little while back there was a proposal to let people vote on picking ODF over the Microsoft formats with the majority going for ODF. Of course Microsoft tried to slander the format, but the UK stuck by their guns.

Dunno how I missed this earlier, but a big win for open formats:

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Weird. It's not like the Tories to get anything right, least of all something pertaining to technology.
I'm waiting for the "Ahhh, so that's why they did it" revelation.

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Somehow I'm thinking about what could've been had the UK not decolonised itself yet before this decision......


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Great news! Thanks for the links.


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I am going to talk about this with my local representatives this Friday. I suggest any other UK residents do the same. ask them to slowly shift towards libreoffice and openoffice. there are loads of UK copanies that support this now.

The reason is about competition and helping local small medium enterprises rather than big corporations. Or so I think.