Dear Facebook: Stop cross site tracking by default

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You might have seen a Facebook ‘like’ button on websites outside of Facebook. What you may not know is that this button allows Facebook to track what sites you’re browsing in order to target ads to you.

We’re calling on Facebook to turn off the default use of cross-site tracking tools - such as the like button on external sites - that target advertising based on people’s browsing.

If people want ads that are targeted to them, they should be able to turn these features on. Facebook’s current practice of using cross-site tracking on by default isn’t reasonable, since many users may not have understood this kind of data collection was happening in the first place.

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And, in response, Facebook will *increase* cross site tracking...

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I agree totally with both of your comments. Even do, half of the user failed to understand the dangers and security risk that involves using using Facebook.


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Assuming you don't use Faceshit..
Add the following to your /etc/hosts file ->

If you also want to block say microshit and bigInternetPieOwnersCloudflare or the criminalGooeble ->

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I can't help but feel as though Facebook is the scapegoat right now. The media and the powers that be seem to be targeting facebook so hard on this in an attempt to get the general populous in an uproar about facebook, when in reality it's pervasive throughout the internet and tech companies. It drives me nuts that Mozilla has a campaign asking for facebook to stop cross-site tracking... What about Google? Microsoft? Amazon? etc..


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Agreed. I see two problems.

The first, as you say, is that it's making other companies who are just as evil look better by comparison. A friend sent me the attached photo shortly after the Cambridge Analytics headlines started. Apple is just as guilty of violations of privacy, but because Facebook screwed up first they are trying to spin it to their credit.

The other problem is that the mainstream media miss the point about what is wrong with Facebook's actions. Calling the Cambridge Analytics stuff a misuse of user data implies that Facebook's normal use of user data is ethical, or that with enough regulation Facebook can conduct their business ethically. Their entire business model is based on mass surveillance and mind control. There is no ethical way to do that.

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mason said:
> Could you explain in detail how they do mind control us?

Because we are all " some type of junkies"! In our ways.

"WE NEED THE BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY" and then the "internet" type of browser is the first manipulative approach,

Regardless how we use the Principles of computing and what for.

example: Facebook is degenerative concept and pioneer of pervasive usage..

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