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I am a member!

I am a translator!

Joined: 02/01/2011

I agree with marioger. A thank you note would cost nothing and would be
nice. I became a member beginning of 2012 and as of today I haven't received
anything, save for a subscription to the trisquel-members mailing list.
Maybe the Trisquel USB key is in the mail - I have no way of knowing. I
think a little bit of transparency wouldn't hurt, especially since it seems
to be hard to find members.

For your information, here's the thank you note that you receive when you
make a donation to Linux Mint:

"Dear Donor,

Thank you for helping our project. On behalf of the team and as the founder
of Linux Mint, I would like to express my gratitude for your generous

Although the total income generated through donations and ads doesn't allow
us to gather a team of developers who would work full-time on the
distribution, it helps things a lot. We started advertising on other
websites such as and we were able to acquire some equipment
to test our distribution in a better and more efficient way. Most of all,
this money allowed the developers to work more hours on the project,
although not full-time, and to put them in a more comfortable situation. The
money gathered also allows us to financially support sub-projects and to
invest in activities which will in turn allow the distribution to grow.

Our project continues to grow thanks to people like you and it's an honour
for us to acknowledge your contribution at and as part of our monthly stats, at the
end of month on

We listed your donation as "2011-07-24 Canada Benjamin R. $20".

If you wish to add more information to it (your website address or your
nickname) or if you want to change the way you appear in these listings,
please log in at the following address using the following credentials:


Thank you very much for supporting Linux Mint.


Clement Lefebvre
Linux Mint"


I am a translator!

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And what about the Trisquel themed USB-stick with a live image? I thought all
members get these.


I am a member!

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A little expression of gratitude to your donors costs nothing and may go
a long way. Also, consider giving progress reports on what is being
done with the contribution. Nobody wants the impression that her
donation is going into some sort of 'money sink'.


On 02/18/2012 09:58 AM, name at domain wrote:
> Also, if those people try Trisquel, love it and decide to be a membre
> associate, i think Trisquel should be more grateful with this people. I
> mean when someone decide to give monthly payment, Trisquel should (at
> least) send an thankful email. At least! I am a member since a month and
> it's like... It's like nothing! No thanks, no grateful, nothing! I think
> Trisquel should make a tiny effort on this point.

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If we talk publicity, we should ask why Trisquel Planet is still in spanish? It should be in english i think.