FilkeZilla forgets that it already uploaded a file

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While uploading files, FileZilla occasionally ask what do do with
a file when it's the same as another file ... but that other file
is one that was already just uploaded. I tell it to skip that file,
but the effect is to stall the sequence of uploads until I reply.

This forces me to pay attention during an upload, rather than
attending to other tasks.

Am I expecting too much of FileZilla, or is there a setting that
will avoid the double uploads ?

George Langford

Joined: 05/01/2018

Set the behavior to resume/append when a file with same name already exists, and set the simultaneous transfer to 1.

Edit > Settings > Transfers > Maximum simultaneous transfers > 1 (default is 2)

Edit > Settings > Transfers > File exists action > Resume file transfer (default is Ask for action)

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I had similar issues when there was something not quite right with the router/wifi. I had a double-NAT setup. The issue went away when I connected to the gateway directly over wifi.

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nadebula.1984's suggestions look wonderful.

I had been worried that my choice of skipping the second upload might
cause damage to the first one ... but that didn't happen.

The real problem was having to come back to the long, tedious upload
repeatedly to keep it on track.

Thanks !

George Langford