First Successful Setup of Trisquel 7

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Hey all,

I just wanted to let you all know of my first successful set up of Trisquel 7 for a friend of mine. He gave me a Dell Inspiron 1520 that had no OS on it and asked me if I could load Chromium or GNU/Linux, so I opted for Trisquel GNU/Linux of course.

This system runs it quite nice, all I needed to do was change out the wifi adapter. Everything else worked out of box.

I am hoping that he finds he likes it, I explained to him how easy it was to set up programs using the repositories and that he would like it a lot.

So here's to hoping that we've won a new convert eventually, it's a good step in the right direction!


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Glad to hear of your success! You're a good friend. Hope you also explained him why you chose Trisquel. I think it's our privilege and duty to inform other people.

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Do what lembas said - teach your friends about the Freedoms that they have acquired, with out that then they will not respect what a wonderful thing they have in their possession.

Other than that enjoy, Trisquel is one of the easiest OS's to use which is a nice benefit on top of the freedom.

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If you can get over the fact that it does not have word and photoshop, and that you might have to swap some of your hardware, its a lot easier to use than Windows.


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nicely done grimlok!

axgb - it doesn't have microshit word and agobbo photoshop nor any other proprietary program. It has the libreoffice and gimp which provide the same functions but are actually better and you can do all your work without any limitation whatsoever with those

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Trust me, this fella has heard enough of the free software speeches from me. :-p He has expressed he is really enjoying Trisquel, and says that he thinks he is going to like it.

As far as not having Photoshop or Oriface, That's not a problem I set him up with OpenOffice and GIMP, and personally I think that GIMP is just as easy/difficult as Photoshop, they both have huge learning curves. The only thing that would make Photoshop easier is if you were used to using it already.

Fun stuff though. I enjoyed setting up his machine.

Thanks all!

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OpenOffice? I hope you mean LibreOffice. :p
OpenOffice recommends non-free plugins.

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LibreOffice development and community is more active anyway, people mostly use OpenOffice because they aren't aware of the fork.