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To old brothers, and new brothers!
[The Polygon Table is held by both human and Uruk project knights]
the Polygon Table is a community of free software (Forum)
we chose this name for important reason that the polygon table is similar to the round table, which is known to all.
and the polygon shape is chosen because it is one of the magical shapes in geometry.
It is often not defined by the number of ribs, as is the case with our society. It is open to all and available to all.
I am alimiracle, and I send this message to any free surviving taking refuge among the Forums: We are here. We are waiting.

As rms says in his Holy song
Join us now and share the software;
You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free.
have fun and be free

Joined: 01/18/2014

PLZ share the post

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Hi Ali, thanks for your efforts. Can you explain why you decided to set up this new set of forums, when we already have forums for Parabola, Trisquel, and general-free-software-talk? Just to be clear, I'm not implying having a new set of forums is a bad thing, I'm just trying to understand what your goals are for these new forums, and what to use them for. For example, the purpose of the Uruk forum is pretty clear, since there isn't any existing Uruk forum. But when would I post to the Polygon Trisquel forum, instead of this Trisquel-Users forum, and vice-versa?

> "To old brothers, and new brothers"

I presume sisters and siblings-of-no-specific-gender are welcome too? ;-P