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Hi guys,

Check out this podcast:

The Freedom Decrypted show covers the news in a freewheeling kind of way, from Chris' freedom perspective. In the episode linked below there's talk about centralized market places at 35:00 (mm:ss), a discussion about the law in the US on copyright vs expression at 41:00 (mm:ss), and Chris somehow ends up railing against socialism at 49:00 (mm:ss). Even if your perspective on freedom does not exactly match up with Chris', this podcast a great resource and I am grateful that he produces it.

I found it after I recently wondered about printers and scanners, and started my search for information on this forum. As usual, there was some very helpful posts from people like Chris (of Think Penguin), Magic Bananna (a university professor), and others. I reached out to Chris for more explanation and he very kindly obliged.

In case you're curious about printers too, Chris' podcast had a 20 min discussion about the printer/scanner situation at 11:25 (mm:ss).

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I've mentioned this to Chris on the fediverse, but I see this site is still serving JS from 4 third-party domains:

This isn't setting a good example. If these are all serving free JS code, why aren't they hosted at the primary domain? If they're non-free services, why is Chris using them on website that's all about promoting software freedom?

Contrast this with the homepage of the Libre Lounge podcast, which doesn't require client-side JS at all:


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You can apparently access the audio files using these RSS feeds (for OGG and MP3 formats):
And the video using this feed:
and in WebM format here:


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The site and everything we utilize on the show is based off all free software licensed components. We've got a *self-hosted* mailing list & mail server, GPL'd blogging platform, theme, a self-hosted Mastodon server, a self-hosted video streaming platform, OGG Vorbis audio files, VP9 video files, etc. The show is streamed utilizing OBS: Open Broadcaster Software off GNU/Linux computers and servers. Some of the code has been modified in certain components for freedoms sake (even if technically "authorized" by the GPL3 itself).

The third party domains you list are which is our Mastodon server. Mastofeed is just a service that makes it easy to embed Mastodon feeds. I don't believe there is anything particularly malicious or problematic with it.

I did check the licenses of the javascript libraries that the GPL'd theme used which happened to point to third party domains (icky I know). There was nothing wrong with it even if annoying. They are not tracking domains either. Those were disabled.

Now I thought I copied all libraries off third party servers, but I might be mistaken in that I missed one because I do think I had an minor issue due to the way the theme was linking to them and I would have had to spend some time to replace hundreds of links to the same stupid file and then verify it didn't break anything. Just didn't have time to resolve the issue. Maybe I will at some point. But for a show I'm donating as many hours to as I am this is not something I'm going to prioritize fixing for the sake of pleasing nitpickers.

At the time I started this show I was putting in 10+ hours a week doing three different three hour long radio shows a week. This was a minor insignificant off-shoot. The primary show I co-host is a nationally syndicated freedom-oriented radio show that is geared toward a general audience. That show airs on 200+ radio stations. Sorry if this site isn't perfect- but it is by all means an example of what people should be doing. The issues as far as I can tell are minor to non-existent.