freedom respecting video options?

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I figured I'd roll two posts into one because they're somewhat related.

1: Is there a way to watch Flash videos without using proprietary clients? I'm interested in a subscription to the English subtitled Baduk TV from Go Game Guru, but it appears as if the videos are using Flash. Here's an example: (if that link isn't allowed because it links to proprietary software, please let me know).

2. Is there a good option for a freedom respecting replacement for the Roku? I've been gradually replacing all my devices with Free Software options and this (along with my phone) are my last holdouts. I really like my Rokus, but I'm not sure what options are available. I assume I'd have to build something with a Raspberry Pi or something simliar.

Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks!

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Video streaming varies. For the example you gave, none of the usual options worked for me.

For the record, the solutions I always try are (in order):

* UnPlug (Abrowser/Firefox extension).

* Finding the appropriate video URL and pasting it into VLC (media player found in Trisquel's repo).

* ViewTube (Greasemonkey script), if the host is supported by it. To try this, you need to go to the host itself and find the video there, since ViewTube doesn't work on embedded videos.

* Lightspark (free Flash player). Usually it doesn't work right by itself (though in a few cases it does at least play the video), but sometimes opening the Flash-based player will allow the Flash Video Downloader to work.

* Linterna Magica (Greasemonkey script).

* Use the User Agent Switcher extension to identify as an iPhone or an iPad. These two ranges of devices will sometimes be given an HTML5 player that isn't given to anyone else, though I haven't personally observed this.

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There's gnash too, but "sometimes" (almost always XD) doesn't reproduce the video!


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Regarding 1:
The video works fine even without any JavaScript by changing the Mozilla browser's user agent to an Android browser via the add-on "User Agent Switcher" (I used the user agent "Galaxy S II - Android 4.0.3 - Mobile Safari 534.30") and using the add-on UnPlug (UnPlug also provides a URL without changing the user agent, but it is rtmp which I couldn't download using rtmpdump). The URL can be downloaded using e.g. axel (wget complained that the name was too long), which downloads a file of size 225.2 MB called "37-20091023-Mok-Jinseok-vs-Won-Seongjin-Korean-Baduk-League-eng-sub-b-480.mp4". A brief skim through the video shows some sort of board game.

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You can find some options to replace the surveillance program called Flash! (XD)

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Open the Totem Movie player, type Ctrl+L (or, if I properly translate from French, menu "Movie/Open location...") and paste this:

Press enter and enjoy!

Here is how to easily find such an horrible string from a given page: use the UnPlug add-on to Abrowser. On the page with the Flash video, right-click and choose "UnPlug". In the window that opens, click on the drop-down button (next to to the "Download" button) and choose "Copy the link".