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Majin Buu
Joined: 11/05/2016

Hi! What are some free software front-ends to Google Drive, to be able to download files uploaded there without the need of running nonfree software. I'm asking for something like youtube-dl or Invidious.

Thanks in advance

Joined: 08/18/2020

There was previously a discussion thread on this:

Now, I am having second thoughts that I haven't checked how google-drive-ocamlfuse is built. It would be good to check whether the build system fetches other things and whether itself can be built with free software only (it is showing an MIT license). This is largely beyond my competences though.

Joined: 03/19/2020

Sorry for not having looked at this forum often enough in the last weeks. I made a fix for downloading public Google Drive files *and* browsing public folders to work with the browser extension I am developing. It is free software made to be run on each user's machine, like youtube-dl and unlike invidious.

There's a screenshot of the GDrive fix in a PDF preview of the extension[1].

Me (and one contributor) helped some people browse js-encumbered sites in this thread[2]. Instructions to install the extension and fixes are also there. You can find fixes for GDrive here[3]. They are 2 JSON files - one for downloading files and one for browsing folders.

Since that thread we made a lot of improvements to the extension (including the ability to install fixes from the repository I run). I am going to document the usage of current version and make a release (maybe even today). You could also build the extension from git to get the newer, more usable version[4]. For more information, see [5].

[4] (use koszko branch for more thorough blocking of native scripts)