graphic driver ?

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well I am new at this.
where can I find non proprietary graphic drivers for amd and nvidia?
open source graphic drivers are non proprietary?


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For Nvidia, open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau

For amd I'm not sure, sorry.

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GNU/Linux systems not aimed at power users, like Trisquel, tend to have all libre drivers and firmware installed by default. So if you don't have it in Trisquel's default install (excluding net install, of course), there probably isn't a libre driver available.

In the case of AMD and Nvidia GPUs: AMD GPUs are all supported by the Radeon driver, and Nvidia GPUs by the Nouveau driver. Radeon doesn't work fully without proprietary firmware blobs (you won't get 3-D acceleration, in particular). Nouveau support for cards varies quite a bit (it is a result of reverse-engineering, after all), and if a card you have doesn't work with Nouveau, or is lacking features, upgrading the kernel can often help. This external repository maintained by jxself can help you get the latest version of Linux-libre, if you want to try that:

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I wonder if I can play with wine in trisquel.
and if I can play which is a Linux game.
thanks for the support that has given me.

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Neither of those games is free software. You will not receive here any "support" to install them.

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22-03-2015 13:25:15 name at domain:
> I wonder if I can play with wine in
> and if I can play which is a
Linux game.
> thanks for the support that has given me.

Hello and welcome to the GNU+Linux-libre Trisquel

Well, I don't know much about these games also. However,
since I'm also a gamer (not an avid one, but anyways, :D),
perhaps I can suggest some free (as in freedom, not price)

- Battle Just Started
( It isn't in
Trisquel's repositories;

- NetPanzer. It's in Trisquel's repositories. Some of my
mates from Brazil play this game. I do play it, but I suck
doing so;

- BTanks. It's in Trisquel's repositories. Quite interesting;

- BZFlag ( It's in
Trisquel's repositories. I play it sometimes, There are lots of
people playing it.

There are other games too, and even some that I forgot to
mention or that are worth mentioning but weren't since I
think they don't meet the criteria of "war games with tanks
and planes", like Xonotic (futuristic first-person-shooter
with vehicles, low gravity, nice graphics and so on),
Minetest (created **before** Minecraft was ever released,
and some people still call it "Minecraft-like", :( ), Secret
Maryo Chronicles (just like the Mario series, just 100 times
better), FreeDoom (a free Doom. Although some of us are
still studying a free software to play it online without non-
free software), and many others.

Here is one of the various places (not all are listed) to find
free (as in freedom, not price) games:

Or you can just use your favorite package manager to search
the Trisquel repositories.

Now about Wine, it's OK to use it since it's free software
( **However**, using (or
teaching/helping) it to use non-free software through it is not
an option for a free software activist, so don't insist for
support on how to do such things here. Perhaps the folks at
Warthunder, or whichever non-free program/game you want
to [be ab]use[d], can aid you in this case, not us.

P.S: Greetings from Brazil!

Respectfully, Adonay.
Have a nice day.

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thank you very much.
Greetings From Portugal.

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A lot of free as in freedom games are listed in Libre Game Wiki.

davidnotcoulthard (non verificado)

where can I find non proprietary graphic drivers for amd and nvidia?
On their respective websites.

Don't, though. Please, just don't.

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I do not want installation support.
just wanted to know is possible to play in trisquel or not.
in the respective site have proprietary drives .
I just wondered if there are drives non proprietary without firmware etc..
but thanks anyway.

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I'm not sure why a website for a video game, libre or not, would link to any graphics drivers. It's not typically something you have to worry about. Even in the case of Windows, computers shipped with it are typically also shipped with whatever drivers are needed for the hardware that is a part of the computer (e.g. the GPU).

You seem to be under some sort of impression that the driver is directly connected to the game, which it isn't. Modern games don't connect to GPUs at that low of a level, and basically, anything natively compiled for GNU/Linux will run. The only question is whether or not it will run well, which partially depends on whether or not your GPU's hardware acceleration features can be used, though there are some other aspects. The easiest way to tell is to just run the game and see what happens.

Of course, you shouldn't run proprietary software games, but this applies just as much to libre software games.

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I'm increasingly confused
I was reading this page and saw this
"This has made possible the development of a free 3D driver can que software as well as 2D. This driver is called 'radeon', and it has 2D and 3D support is ATI cards of the R100, R200, R300 and R400 series.The R500, R600 and R700 series cards are supported by the radeonhd driver, but still Seems a bit more of a work in progress as of early November 2008. "
researched and found this
then asked me.
these drivers look good.
but is 100% free libres without proprietary software and firmware?

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These drivers are free, but they need nonfree firmware.

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Well, they do not "need" the firmware for everything. But without the firmware, several features simply do not work. 3D acceleration for instance...


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...and the screen resolution (ati radeon crap) limited to the bios resolution (1024*768) in my case ....ughh...

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I have the same problem unfortunately....