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Hello! Please help me understand if it is necessary to update GRUB.
If necessary, which team?
How do I check which version of GRUB I currently have?

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Not sure I understand. Give more details.

Are you having problems with your boot manager?
If not then it would not be necessary to change your version.
I see I have /usr/sbin/update-grub2 as well as /usr/sbin/update-grub.

Usually the install of a new linux kernel will automatically run update-grub. If you install another operating system on the same system you might want to run grub-update.

running 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade' will make sure all your packages (including grub) are up to date.

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After any change in hardware or operating system, run this command:
sudo update-grub
Running this command unnecessarily does no harm.

It is automatically run when Software Updater does its thing.

As for running a different version of grub, refer to the search
feature of this forum for more expert advice.

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$ grub-install -V
grub-install (GRUB) 2.02-2ubuntu8.21+9.0trisquel4

As Geshmy told you, unless you are facing some problem (what problem?), just install the updates Trisquel should regularly propose you.

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Hi All,
Excuse me butting in to save creating yet another "update" or grub topic..!
I have noticed in v9 Trisquel and v9 mini that there appears to be an error during the latter stage of installing regular updates (sda5 crypt).
Generating grub configuration file ...
error: cannot seek '/dev/mapper/sda5_crypt': Invalid argument. (repeated)
Yet on the 9th time finds...
Managed to capture window as I knew what was coming..!

Is this normal or okay?

Thanks Guys