HACIENDA - Another mass surveillance program

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Hello everyone,

I don't know if you read the news [1] yet, but the GNU hackers presented in Berlin at the GNU Hackers Meeting, details about another mass surveillance program called HACIENDA.

They've also came up with a solution [2] to fight this surveillance program. According to the FSF this solution was already implemented in Parabola.

I hope the Trisquel team will implement it too.

[1] https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/gnu-hackers-discover-hacienda-government-surveillance-and-give-us-a-way-to-fight-back

[2] https://gnunet.org/kirsch2014knock


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What an irony!!!! in my country Mexico a new law has given the right to our tax agency called "HACIENDA" to do many kinds of nasty surveillance to taxpayers :(

I'm talking about getting from cellphone companies names, address, types of communications, date and time of calls, IMEI code and even geolocalizacion.

It's just awful. If you are in Mexico visit the following page to try to do something to stop this atrocity. http://internetlibre.mx/