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This seems to be a long solved issue, since answers I have found on the net are quite old. and none of the answers I have found solve the problem in my case.

And this is a 'new' problem that has turned up today. I can't remember exactly the last time I opened an attachment, but it can't that long.

Anyway, when I click on the attachment I see the usual bow to choose if I want to save the file or open it with the appropriate program (i.e. okular for pdf, writer for odt, doc etc).

When I choose I get a new dialogue box (I translate from Danish, it might be open application).

From here I again have to choose which programme should open the attached file. Since this dialogue opens on my desktop, I have no idea of how to choose the appropriate application. And it shouldn't be necessary, since I have already chosen that in the settings of Icedove.

What am I overlooking?

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I was trying to get description of the issue from your message, but I
don't understand, from your message, which file you are trying to open,
what application you want to open it with, and what happens
actually/currently (and if that application is presented as an option
inside "open with").

Can you please clarify the situation?

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Thanks for your response.

An example: I just received an email with a pdf-file attached to it. When I click the pdf-file I get the usual dialogue asking me if I want to open the file with a (pre-) chosen application or to save it. The pre-chosen application is okular. When I mark [open with okular (standard)] and click [ok] a new dialogue opens, asking to me to choose the application to open the file with.

This is of course not correct behaviour, since okular should just open the file.

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You can modify the behavior of how or which application handles attachement in Icedove via

Icedove >Preferences > Attachments (Outgoing/Incoming)

As in your ~ /home/ if you have a pdf document, picture, video you can also choose by >right click > open with the application you want

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Thanks. I had already tried that. The settings were fine, and like I wrote, I was met with the appropriate pre-choce. But for some reason it still didn't work.

I have 'downgraded' back to Belenos and now it works