Install trisquel 7 64bit on 40gb partition

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Are there instructions or vidoes showing how you install trisquel on a 40gb partition on a 80gb hdd. And with full hdd system encryption.

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Why do not you simply follow the normal procedure for installation?.

40 GB (1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes) is more than enough. I typically install my virtual machines with Debian and LXDE in 10 GB virtual disks and there is plenty of space left.

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I could only find:

which would be useful if you need to shrink an existing Windows to create free space for Trisquel.

This is really old but still helpful if the first link worked:

If you want to give more details no doubt someone here would help. For instance, Is it a new drive?

I am in Trisquel 8 (alpha), on a 19.5 GB partition and unbelievably it's 3/4 full already. I have an encrypted 800 GB partition that I haven't started using at all so soon can start moving music and stuff to it. Initially, after install and getting most of my main applications installed, it filled about 5 to 6 GB.

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Thank you.
>give more details
It is a 80gb sata hdd with nothing on it.
In instructions at the step where you have to partition disks.
You may select guided use entire disk and set up encrypted lwm. I want the full system encryption on a 40gb partition. And by that leaving space for installing another gnulinux distribution.
When I was writing
>with full hdd system encryption.
in my first post, it was misleading. In fact I want trisquel 7 installed on a 40gb partition and also full system encryption. Is that possible?

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I just did something similar on a laptop with the alpha version of Trisquel 8 but I think it's pretty much the same for 7.

The install program suggests a plan but select the option to 'do something else' and click 'Continue'

Then it scans the hard drive and comes up with a graphic picture of it. On mine, I had to delete all the partitions to create 'free space' (highlight a partition and then click the - button)
then I could click on the free space to highlight it and then click on the + button below. In the little window that appears you would
1. change the size from 80000 to 40000,
2. put / in the mount on text box and
3. select from the drop down box encrypted (I can't remember exactly - something like 'physical volume for encryption,' it's the only option that mentions encryption)
4. immediately new text boxes appear for you to type in your encryption passphrase. (better not forget exactly what you put, of course I've never done a thing like that, heh, heh, smirk smirk)

I also added a swap space the same way and it didn't like that so I had to change that (there is a Change button too) to 'Do not use this partition' in the drop down box.

I guess it would be best to leave the other 40 GB alone for now and let your next project format it. But as you think best.

My 6 GB RAM probably won't need a swap, but I will have to learn how to encrypt my swap space sometime or other I think because otherwise clear text like data can end up in the swap on an otherwise encrypted system. I just won't use it for now.

Also, another option in the window for creating a partition is primary or logical. Primary is fine for what you have in mine. and until you click on the install button at the bottom right, you aren't committed. You can delete what you've done and start over. And 40 and 40 won't happen exactly but you will get close. Depends on geometry of the hard drive or something.

Hope that helps.