Intel hardware compatibility ?

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Hi there,

I hope you all doing well so far. I have a question about intel hardware compatibility for trisquel 9 / 10

I´m now running under an laptop t400 with an P8600 core2duo. Before i had a beelink gemini x55 with an Intel Gemini Lake J5005 and also an trekstor tablet with an Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 , both was doing pretty well and also very stable no big issue there. 3d acceleration works too, gaming for my needs was superb :) even working/playing with godot was fun.

But now with my laptop i have some strange issue here and there and its not working that stable like with the other two. Is this an mainboard,cpu or even hard disk issue or?

-do you know if the Intel® Pentium® Gold 6405U Processor works well with trisquel 9/10 ?(also 3d acceleration) its from 2019 so pretty new compared to the other,these are from 2016 and 2017.

-has some one from you Experience running trisquel on hp laptop?

I´m also aware of that any thing newer then the core2duo processors have an management backdoor.

Btw checked h-node but i wasn´t finding anything about it.

Are there long-term solution ? like if the fsf and the community behind it starts an crowdfunding hardware series. like mainboard and processors. with freedom and transparency in mind.

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes and greets

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To be precise, Intel platforms newer than Core 2 (i.e. intelligent Core, or Core i3/i5/i7/i9) have a 30-minute time bomb, preventing users from completely remove ME. However, the ME can still be crippled to a minimized, non-functional state, which can be treated as a circuit by RMS's criteria. If you want a newer laptop than T400/s, you can purchase T430/s or T431s with coreboot. Up to Ivy Bridge, coreboot can be blobless.

I don't know what you mean by "management backdoor". If you mean ME, then libreboot X60/X200/T400 series all have it, too.

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Try a newer kernel. See for detailed instructions.

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Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for this information and advice :)

I didn´t knew it that this is possible. about ivy bridge processors, so i can use any of these processors? to have the ability so coreboot can be blobless ,is that right.

Well i think i go then with an laptop with an ivy bridge processor inside.has it to be an lenovo thinkpad? or are other brands possible with an ivy bridge processor inside. like asus,acer,dell,HP,Samsung,sony and toshiba ?

anyhow i hope that some day the Fsf and all those members or even outsite of that will come together and make their own hardware via crowdfunding or at least start maybe a collaboration with other brands like intel,amd,etc.

Wish you an good weekend enjoy