Iridium installation

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I wanted to install the Iridium browser (mainly to allow my family to use e.g. netflix and other services, which seems to not wotk with Abrowser or Firefox). supplies this guide for installation
wget -qO -|sudo apt-key add -
cat < stable main
#deb-src stable main
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iridium-browser

It is unclear if the whole text should be copied and entered to Terminal at once or it should be done line by line. I tried both and I now have an menu entry called 'Iridium browser'. So far so good, but under way I was asked to install 'apt-transport-https'. During installation I was warned that some packages couldn't be verified (I am not sure that was the actual wording), but I see this often so I just accepted.

Afterwards two 'funny things happened:

1) When Iridium Browser opens, I am requested with a dialogue (i.e. small pop-up window) to 'enter login-password to unlock the key-ring' apparently because 'your login key-ring wasn't unlocked when you logged in to this computer' (my translations from Danish). I can close that dialogue and use the Iridium Browser but next time I open the Iridium browser again, I am met with the same request.

2) My keyboard layout changed from Danish to UK or US! I have successfully reversed that.

Anyway, Is there a good reason for entering or not entering my login password, and if not, how can I permanently evade that dialogue?

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Please try to run
sudo apt-get install libpam-gnome-keyring

This should install the piece of software you need and opening Iridium afterwards should present you with an option to unlock the keyring for you everytime you open the browser.

I don't know why the keyboard layout would change, however - unless the primary layout was set to US or UK, maybe.

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So, does Iridium allow you to watch NetFlix on Trisquel? For the record, there are good reasons not give money to NetFlix, or the media corporations they pass much of that money on to, due to their support for DRM:

Here's a guide to some source of DRM-free video, although be warned, it's a bit out-of-date: