Issues when trying to install tor browser

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I just tried to install tor browser.

I downloaded and signature-checked from

When running tar -xvfJ tor-browser-linux64-7.0.4_en-US.tar.xz

I was met with:

tar: J: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

Afterwards I decompressed via the file manager.

Following this guide:

I want to set-up a launcher. But When entering

sudo mv tor-browser_en-US /opt

I get

mv: inter-device move failed: ‘tor-browser_en-US’ to ‘/opt/tor-browser_en-US’; unable to remove target: Is a directory

Any help on problem and/or solution?
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For the first error, the J needs to come before the f: tar looks at whatever follows the f to find the file to extract, and in the above case that happened to be 'J'.

For the second error, is there already a folder called '/opt/tor-browser_en-US'? I'm not entirely sure this is the problem, but if such a folder exists, it has to be moved out of the way before you can copy a new folder in there.

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This Tor Browser Trisquel Documentation in French, it is quite explicit you can add a launcher manually (right click) and not with "sudo".

*download Tor signing key or .asc file
*download the Tor browser .tar
*verify it's integrity
*execute : ie run Tor Browser, configure it (privacy security settings) then after the Launcher will be visible and easily put on your desktop.
*add the shortcut/launcher

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I just downloaded it today, was having trouble with the command line install instructions as well, I don't know why but a lot of command line instructions don't work for me and I'm not familiar enough to figure out why, but I extracted It in downloads was able to run TOR from there. Moved it to desktop and all set. Except I think I'm gonna move it to a Flash drive instead. Make sure to adjust your security settings in TOR when you first launch it comes configured at the lowest security setting.