Is it possible to install Plasma 5.18 LTS on Trisquel 11?

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Hello everyone!

New forum user here. I'm looking to switch from Debian to Trisquel sometime later. I'm aware that Trisquel 10 uses Plasma 5.18, and that this is the last version in which it still has the desktop cube effect. I know Plasma 5.24 doesn't have it.

Does anyone know if it's possible to add the older nabia repos to Trisquel 11 just for installing Plasma 5.18 instead?

I'm fully aware that Trisquel 11 is still in beta.

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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You can check what packages are available at

For aramo (T11) here the version available,

$ apt-cache madison plasma-desktop|grep aramo
plasma-desktop | 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.1+11.0trisquel1 | aramo/main amd64 Packages
plasma-desktop | 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.1+11.0trisquel1 | aramo-updates/main amd64 Packages
plasma-desktop | 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.1+11.0trisquel1 | aramo/main Sources
plasma-desktop | 4:5.24.7-0ubuntu0.1+11.0trisquel1 | aramo-updates/main Sources

Since plasma (kde) is a full desktop with more than 1,000 packages involved I would better recommend to stay with nabia until you find enough reasons to update to aramo.

In summary, I personally would recommend to stay on nabia to keep the features you need from it.

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I agree. Dependency issues would probably happen if I tried to install Nabia packages on Aramo.

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I had some fun using the Desktop Cube effect on Trinity Desktop Environment a few years ago:

It's a fork of old KDE 3 which is under continuous development. You should be able to install it on Trisquel today I would imagine. All you need the correct version of kwin_x11, not an entire 1,000 package plasma desktop. You might be able to borrow a kwnin_x11 package from Debian Buster or from an older Ubuntu version or something.

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I miss the old days of KDE 3 (and KDE 4). Anyways, I see what you mean. You're saying that it's possible to install an older version of kwin that still has the cube effect (like downgrading kwin on Aramo). I'll try that. I prefer the plasma desktop to Trinity, but I'll gladly entertain the other option as well.

My biggest concern would be dependency hell. I remember that the old effects still require something like the libkwineffects4 library.

I guess the devs removed the cube effect due to bugs. Wished they hadn't removed it.