Libre Currency?

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In my opinion, money itself should be libre like software. I love the freedom to modify my balance, the freedom to copy my wallet to another drive, the freedom to study how it works, and the freedom to buy it and buy with it. And the freedom to use it offline or online.

What is your opinion on this?

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"modify my balance"

I'm not even sure what those three words even mean. I'd like to modify my balance too -- by increasing it. :) Surely everyone would? :)

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Money and software are not analogous. Software can be copied and modified without any damage to the other copies, but money depends partially on its scarcity for value. If you could copy money as easy as you can copy software, all the money of the same denomination would be worthless and not useful to facilitate transactions. Actually, that is what happens when a government introduces a lot of money in circulation to pay debts or finance wars (it has happened several times in the history of mankind). People even dump banknotes as garbage because it becomes worthless. Search for “hyperinflation”.

With free software one can or can not have the right to modify and study the source code. The concept does not make sense for money.


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well you may want to look at cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or other cryptocurrencys i dont know exactly what you mean by modify your balance but since our government uses fiat currency there is no reason why our government cant pay of our horrible debt somehow the US government can afford to waste tons of money on the military but somehow cannot use taxpayer money to help the homeless and people in poverty in fact many of us strongly condemn capitalism there is the economy is going great new annocements on tv but i drive to work past people who are homeless how is this just this is one of the reasons i condemn captilism we should have taxpayer money sent to people in poverty not the rich in the wall street bail outs or endless wars

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> "Modify my balance"

Sorry I haven't been responding to this thread in a long time. I've been doing other stuff that kinda distracted me.

By modify my balance, I literally mean: if you have $100.00 in your checking account, you should have the freedom to add a couple zeros before the period that separates the cents from the dollars. In other words, take a text file that determines your balance, type 0 six times, and that "$100.00" will become "$100000000.00"

It's just as free as you can get.

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Well you could do something like this and create your own token.

The source code is available, so its libre. And you could change your balance to give yourself as many tokens as you want.

You just have to convince others to trade a token that you have complete control over ;-)