Libre Supporters Here's A Chance To Help Further The Cause!

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I want to bring this to everyone's attention that as a GNU Libre Linux user, when possible I spread the word online.

I'm a member of the Wilders Security Forum, which happens to be an official support forum of many big name software companies, so Wilders does get a pretty big share of people in that forum participating.

I'll be honest I don't have all the answers but I don't know a bit of what's going on.

So please if you really care to help further your Libre cause then you'll jump in the forums over their and reply to the post to help share and show support.

Please don't think that this is just one small forum and it will do no good, because that's not the right attitude to have, every bit in life does help, to educate those of the differences!


Adrian Malacoda

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I don't see the point. From what I can tell this is a forum dedicated to proprietary Windows antivirus software, which hosts official support forums for proprietary Windows antivirus software. It's probably one of the last places to bring up discussion of GNU/Linux-libre, freedom, and all that entails.

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I agree with Adrian Malacoda. It's pointless to go there and discuss about these issues, because simply those kind of people on that forum don't see proprietary software as a threat to freedom and they won't for many years, maybe not even in their lifetime, even if you try to educate them everyday.
See it like this, if a guy from Windows or Mac OS X come to this forum saying we shouldn't worry about proprietary software and such. What would you think? I would think: obvious troll. It's the same if you reverse the situation, even though they're wrong.

I think free software will only be accepted and valued by majority of people when some digital catastrophe happens, it has always been that way. Either that or after many generations with a growing education on free software values.
Look at the time we needed to come up with human rights? yea, thousands of years, and even now atrocities to humankind still keep going. Digital technology is like a new world, and because it's new the big majority of people don't yet realize or care about the ethical problems with it or behind it.


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Brilliantly said, my friend.