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Hi everyone!

I'm Leah Rowe, the founder and lead developer of the Libreboot project. Libreboot is a free/libre BIOS replacement compatible with several systems, endorsed by the Free Software Foundation, and I'm well-known for the services that I provide. I sell Libreboot preinstalled with Trisquel GNU+Linux, via my website:

I can now announce that I've slashed prices on all laptops. I've been checking my current inventory, versus what my suppliers can get for me and I've been looking at general trends. It is now viable for me to operate at reduced prices, like I did in 2017 and 2018.

The price cuts are as follows:

X200: was 298, now is 228 GBP

T400: was 298, now is 258 GBP

X230(osboot): was 358 GBP, now 298 GBP

W500: was 758 GBP, now 598

X200 Tablet: was 398, now 298 GBP

As of today, 7 September 2021, I have a large surplus of X200 and T400. W500 is currently out of stock, but I get those in whenever I can. X230 I also have a huge surplus of. X200T is out of stock but I get that in whenever I can.

So X200, T400 and X230 are all highly available at present. I expect that I will continue to stock these, for the rest of this year and most likely all throughout 2022.

Shipping worldwide. Enjoy!


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I really should grab another one of these things as a backup/to help others out. I bought a T400 from you a few years back and it is a little champion! My daily runner and have never had an issue with it.