Is Libreboot a necessary step?

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I'm a owner of a Thinkpad X60 and X220.I would like to ask you if is worth the "sacrifice" to use a laptop with far less specs just because it has a Libreboot BIOS.
Plus i always wondered where is the point if our level of Freedom is not the same because maybe we run a non-free driver,package,a SaaS,or a proprietary BIOS and so on.
I would feel much motivated to use a free BIOS system less powerful than the X220 24/7 if i read on forums like this one that all Libre GNU/Linux users run 100% free systems.
Do you think we should go cold turkey and move to Libreboot?
Is a necessary step?


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I personally "downgraded" from a Thinkpad X201 with an i7 processor to the dual core X200 and I must say I could notice the difference at first, but it's worth it to me because now I own at least one computer running as free as possible. Plus honestly unless you're trying to run intensive games or possibly CAD software, the X200's dual core processor is just fine. I paired mine with a 500GB SSD and the computer is able to boot to the desktop in just over 10 seconds.

Pretty good if you ask me!