Mplayer available in Taranis ?

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I just saw that mplayer is available in the Taranis repositories, while it wasn't with Awen, because it recomended the use of non-free software.

Is this normal or is it due to Taranis still being under development ?

Thanks !

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I had noticed that packages such as mplayer and mencoder were included in Taranis. A quick apt-cache query shows that this is the filename of the package:


This leads me to believe that Trisquel has modified the package in some way to comply with freedom standards (trisquel is in the package name next to ubuntu).

I looked at the source package, and in the `debian' folder, there is a note that this source package has been stripped of things from the original mplayer source; it references the script `', which contains code for the removal of patented or non-free encoders. In the list are h263, h264, mpeg2video, mpeg4, and msmpeg4; I'm not sure entirely how to read it, but it seems to be removing lines of code that compile in those non-free versions. Instead it tends to use ffmpeg, which apparently has also been stripped by a similar script. Run `apt-get source mplayer' and check it yourself, you might find something I missed.