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Here I need to be donated for first of all, 128 EUR for my 32 GiB "fair" (in fact unfair against high traffic users like me) ISP data, but I dnt trust PayPal or any credit cards or any traditional banks or EVERY nonfree payment platforms, is a cryptocurrencies client just my last resort to receive this donation? But also I need to be donated once more to order a libre wifi card over ThinkPenguin, that applies to my current Parabola, Debian, Trisquel, Uruk GNU systems, with at least Trisquel support has been mentioned there, then that libre wifi card is surely run for Parabola and Debian, then in Fedora and Devuan I need no longer nonfree binaries anymore.

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You "need to be donated" or you "wish to donate"? If you wish to donate to Trisquel, bank transfer is an option:

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In the case; you "need to be donated", I'm pretty sure your body could be sold for parts in the name of "Trisquel science"


You "need to donated, your HARD EARN MONEY then follow the web link

so what ever fits your criteria, let us know. I'm just Just kidding with you.