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Good morning, greetings from Guatemala.

My enormous enthusiasm as a Linux and Trisquel user only compares to my enormous ignorance as a programmer (hehe). I have knowledge, but already very "rusty" due to lack of use. Specifically, this is my problem or request:

A) I can no longer access Trisquel's "normal" desktop,
just to a rare Gnome desktop that I can't master and / or
is incomplete (I can't minimize, I can't have open
two programs at the same time etc ...). This can be solved
for example in Synaptic or Terminal? It has a solution? I need
either return to the "normal" desktop of Trisquel and / or delete
this rare Gnome desktop (or turn it into Gnome Classic, which
does not let me either)

B) Another problem, which I do not know if it is related or
independent: I cant make updates of any kind. Could it be that
I need to update my sources.list and how do i do that?

Thank you very much for your help,



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Are you using Trisquel 7 or 8?

> I can no longer access Trisquel's "normal" desktop,

In LightDM (the login screen) is there an icon (usually either next to your username or at the top right of the screen) which when clicked on provides a list of desktops to choose from? If so, what desktops are listed?

> Could it be that I need to update my sources.list

Can you please copy/paste the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list here?


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Your problems could be caused by an update process that was not completed. Did you try to upgrade to a different version of Trisquel or add some third-party source (by editing your sources.list file or adding some PPA) before this happened? If not, running "sudo dpkg --configure -a" in the terminal could complete the update process and possibly solve your issues - but, if you have altered the standard package configuration in some way, running the command could also break your system further.