Need libreboot/coreboot advice

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unfortunately my whole computer equipment got electrocuted in a thunderstorm. My beloved librebooted T400 was among the victims. It wasn't even connected to the power supply but to a LAN cable. Everything connected to the LAN has been librecuted (router, firewall and laptop) and now I am truly freed. Just kidding. I miss my T400 which I flashed myself. It was a great laptop.

To cut a long story short, I need a new laptop. Of course I was looking for a T400/500 at first, but then I recalled the X230 being under investigation for libreboot. What about the x220 or the t430?
So I am asking myself, should I buy a used one in the coming months or flash it with coreboot first and later with libreboot?
My budget is very limited and I am hoping insurance will pay but that might probably not be the case.
What would you do?

In case you're reading this. Do you think you will be successful in getting the ME disabled?

Thanks for your input!

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Does it really have to be a laptop? What is your budget? And what does the computer need to be able to do?

The cheapest computer that I know of which can run Libreboot is the imac 5,2. You can pick it up on ebay for 100 dollars or so. It can also be flashed with flashroom, so no need for beagleboards or raspberries either.

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Hi Джордж,

As I understand it, you bought a T400 online and flashed it yourself, but now you've lost it due to damage from an electrical thunder storm.

I'm currently working on adding sandybridge support to libreboot (ThinkPad X220) but it'll be a while before I have that ready. (and it's not guaranteed that I'll be successful)

It's really sad for me to read about your situation :(
If you'd like, I can sell you a T400 on minifree for 100 EUR + shipping (and +VAT if you're in the EU). The usual price on the site is 198 EUR (plus shipping+vat).

I see that you've been around this forum quite a lot and you say nice things about Libreboot, and it seems a shame to me that you've lost your laptop. If you're interested in this deal, message me privately and we'll arrange it.


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The nearest hardware store might have a few lightning protection sets. I bought a few when they were on sale.

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I own an x220 with Coreboot & the Intel ME neutralized (for now, until Libreboot is working for the x220), and I love it. It's a modern CPU so it never feels slow unless it's under a super heavy load, and if your comfortable flashing Coreboot, neutralizing the ME is just one extra step before you flash.


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Is Coreboot + neutralized ME completely free and simply missing features, or is it just less nonfree? My librebooted x60 runs well, but I wouldn't mind being able to use my x230 if I can do so freely.
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Strictly speaking, the neutralized ME is no freer than an unneutralized one- it just removes the 'optional' 99% which presents the most security risk (and the non-AMT-using amongst us never needed anyway).

That said, from a privacy/security perspective, a neutralized ME solves the major lingering problems. somebody at Purism reverse-engineered one part of what the neutralization left behind and said it looked OK too, so the issue is slowly being cleaned up.